• Oct 15 2014

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    Always invite the skunk to Thanksgiving

    I love Thanksgiving. Actually, I love any excuse for a long weekend that includes time with family, friends and a huge carb-loaded meal! We welcome anyone and everyone. Well actually…

  • May 21 2014

    Animal Care Aide Appreciation

    Our Animal Care Aides are passionate and caring and do a fantastic job!  We felt that they needed a day of recognition.  You guys rock!

  • Oct 03 2013

    A Big Welcome to Dr. Haroutunian!!

    The clinic is happy to welcome our newest member, Associate Veterinarian Dr. Justin Haroutunian.  We are really excited to welcome him to our family and introduce him to all of…

  • Sep 23 2013

    Let’s All Go to the Ball Game….

    This clinic outing was a lot less muddy than Warrior Dash!  The team got together to attend a Blue Jays game in Toronto.  The Jays may have lost the game…

  • Aug 30 2013

    Sad Day at Baker Animal Clinic

    Yesterday we said goodbye to our clinic kitty of 16 years, Trapper.  She was a fantastic cat and such a part of the clinic it is hard to believe she…

  • Jul 25 2013

    We did it again!

    Congrats to the Baker team “Warrior Paws” for once again this year completing the 5km muddy obstacle course through the ski hills! You guys rock!

  • Jun 29 2013

    Happy Canada Day Weekend!

    We just wanted to wish all of our clients a safe and fun holiday weekend!  Let the summer REALLY begin! Barry has been anxiously anticipating this weekend and has had…

  • May 17 2013

    Dr. Dave Rides to Conquer Cancer

    Dr. Dave has been working hard training for the Ride to Conquer Cancer that takes place just about three weeks from now on June 8-9.  This ride involves a bike…

  • May 09 2013

    Full Digital Xray Arrives at BAC!

    We are excited to announce the arrival of full digital xray equipment at the clinic!  Although we previously did use digital xray for our dentistry procedures we have now replaced…

  • Apr 03 2013

    Your Life Videos with Dr. Sutherland

    Please keep checking back for another series of educational videos from the DurhamRegion Video Zone.  Click on the links posted below to watch Dr. Dave in action as he addresses…