Animal Care Aide

Julie has been part of the Baker Animal Clinic team since August 2004. She graduated from the Sheridan College Animal Care course the April of that year. Rescuing animals is a huge part of her life whether it’s adopting her own pets from shelters or orphaned wildlife. Julie’s two dogs are from the local shelter and have turned her into a pit bull advocate. Malakai, a pit bull type dog, accompanies her to various protests trying to overturn the breed specific legislation as well as group walks educating people about the breed. Maiha, a mix breed, would rather stay at home on nanny’s couch. She also owns five cats who are Tasha, Tadworth, Austin, Samantha and Barnsley. She also has a love for the more commonly misunderstood animals from the creepiest of crawlies to the hairless and scaly, no legs or lots of legs she loves them all.