UPDATE: Feline Spay/Neuter Voucher Program

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Helping pet overpopulation in Durham.  DURHAM — The Humane Society of Durham Region and local vets are doing their part to help the cat overpopulation crisis in the area with a new low-cost spay and neuter program. August 8, 2012.  Ron Pietroniro / Metroland

Helping pet overpopulation in Durham

Great initiative by Durham Humane Society, vets

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                DURHAM — A new joint initiative by the Humane Society of Durham Region and local vets to help cash-strapped pet owners get their cats spayed or neutered is a true example of what partnerships can do.

It’s no secret: cats that are not fixed hugely contribute to the cat overpopulation crisis. Yet there are still tons of kittens being born in Durham, which can pose a problem for both feral and domestic cats. This not only means yet another kitten with an uncertain future, but it gives the older cats living in shelters a raw deal. As much as adult felines need homes too, potential adopters often opt for a cute and playful kitten, leaving the older ones behind.

This new program that 42 vet clinics across Durham are participating in will help pet owners pay for the costly expense that can set cat owners back hundreds of dollars per procedure. Those eligible will receive a voucher and they’ll have to pay just $100 to have their cat spayed or $80 to have them neutered.

Humane society president Karin Martens was pleased to say five vouchers have already been given out since the program was launched Aug. 2.

“That’s potentially 75 kittens this year,” she said after figuring out how many litters could result from five cats that are not spayed or neutered.

The following people are eligible for the low-cost, cat spay-neuter assistance program: seniors receiving the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS); disabled individuals receiving the Ontario Disability Support Payment (ODSP) or the Canada Pension Plan Disability Payment (CPP Disability); participants of OVMA’s SafePet Program or women at risk of abuse who are entering a registered women’s shelter in Ontario; pets in care facilities for seniors such as supportive housing, retirement homes or long-term care homes in Ontario; and individuals receiving financial assistance through the Ontario Works program.

The process is done with total confidentiality. Pet owners should contact the Humane society, which will consider their application.

Please spread the word so people in need can take advantage of this great program.

Call 905-665-7430.




  • tanya says:

    I am the new parent of a pug baby and would like to know does the spay program apply just to cats?

    • Baker Animal Clinic says:

      Hi Tanya,

      Unfortunately, this program was developed to fight the overpopulation problem with cats in the Durham Region and does not apply for dogs.

      Thank you,

      Baker Animal Clinic

  • lana eickmeier says:

    Hi I am a 52 yr old female with a 12 yr old cat that just recently developed a tumour which is gonna cost approx. 7-8 hundred, the vet also wants to spay her..I am on ontario works & wonder if I qualify for a voucher for her spaying..hope to hear from you soon Lana

    • bakeracadmin says:

      Hello Lana,

      I apologize for the delay in responding to your question.
      The voucher for the spay/neuter program can be obtained at Oshawa Services or Durham Region Humane Society. It would only cover the cost of the spay, not the mass removal.
      Please contact the clinic for any further questions.

      Thank you,


  • Sarah says:

    Hello, last October my friends and I (all students) moved in to a house in central Oshawa. We found a very skinny cat starving in our backyard in the cold and took her in. She’s started to put on weight and has started going in to heat in February. We love this cat and want to take care of her, but as students $300-500 to get her spayed is a little hard. I was wondering if this program applies to students.
    Thanks, Sarah.

    • bakeracadmin says:

      Hello Sarah,
      I apologize for the delay in the response.
      The spay/neuter program is typically only for people on ODSP, but if you wish to inquire more please contact the Durham Region Humane Society.

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