Please let us introduce you to Ryder!

By October 30, 2012 Uncategorized

My name is Ryder and I am a 3.5 year old German Short Haired Pointer.  I have tons of energy and one of my most favourite things to do is run through the forest and take in all the different smells.  As you can see, I have a wonderful physique.  In order to stay looking so good I regularly visit Baker Animal Clinic for check-ups.  Many dogs do not like going to the doctor, but I love coming to Baker’s!!  The staff here are amazing.  They are always so happy to see me, give me lots of attention and make me feel very special.  I know when I come it means I might have to get a painful shot or two, but I barely even know when it is happening because the staff are quick, gentle and very kind (and because I know that I will soon be given a delicious treat).  The staff always make sure I am in perfect health and spend a lot of time teaching me how to stay this way.  I also love when Baker Animal Clinic has their fundraising $5 nail trim events!  I always look forward to going for my nail trims because it is important to look good both inside and out.  I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for all of my health related needs.

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