Margaret’s Story

By November 15, 2012 Uncategorized

Margaret was just over 10 weeks old when Dr. Birss fell in love with her.  At that time she had injuries to her mouth, which made it difficult for her to eat, and additionally was suffering from a severe upper respiratory tract infection.  Because Margaret was potentially going to be euthanized due to her poor health Dr. Birss brought her back to the clinic where all the staff quickly fell in love with this little lady.  It was our goal to help Margaret feel better and then find her the forever home that she deserved!  Intravenous fluids were given to her through a catheter in her leg to help with her hydration, and antibiotics and pain meds were administered to help with her respiratory disease and keep her comfortable.  Once she was feeling better and able to eat on her own Dr. Birss performed surgery to repair the injury to her mouth.  It took some time and lots of love but Margaret has made a full recovery!    She is now a healthy, energetic kitten and she can be seen all over the clinic getting into trouble and giving lots of affection to everyone she meets.  One her favorite activities is playing with the resident cats at the clinic (whether they want to or not!).  She has a wonderful personality and has stolen the hearts of all those who have met her.  We are happy to announce that her adoption is pending and hopefully soon she will be safe and happy with her new family.

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