Progress Report – Dr. Dave begins his training!

By January 14, 2013 Uncategorized

So now that the new year is here and I am well on my way to exceeding my goal to raise $3000.00  it is time to get on the bike and start training

It is incredibly boring sitting on a bike in my basement in the middle of winter peddling like mad and never getting closer to the cement wall in front of me.

One thing I can assure everyone is that it takes about 10 minutes to have one’s backside become numb. We figure we will have to sit on a bike for upwards of four hours in June so need to put some serious time in the saddle before that.

Compared to what cancer patients go through, it is really not that much of a hardship

I’ll keep everyone up to date-perhaps with some photos as to my progress. Once the better weather arrives we will be out on the road and the miles will go by much faster

Thanks to all those who have donated to this great cause. To date we have raised $2025-incredible work. Please keep up the support. Let your friends know about this so they can visit the site and help make a difference


Dr Dave-team KPMG


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