Always invite the skunk to Thanksgiving

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I love Thanksgiving. Actually, I love any excuse for a long weekend that includes time with family, friends and a huge carb-loaded meal! We welcome anyone and everyone. Well actually my mom the cook does – I’ve resigned myself to being a good vet not cook! The joke is that my mother always makes the same amount of food – too much!! So anyone can show up and is guaranteed a plate. So this is where we ran into trouble. We didn’t realize the neighbourhood skunk didn’t feel welcome to attend… least this is the only rationale why the skunk would ruin an otherwise wonderful day.
My morning was terrific….being a diehard Leafs fan I actually got to attend some of the Leafs’ then Pittsburgh Penguins’ practices at the Air Canada Centre. I said hi to Glenn Healy and got a selfie with George Stroumboulopoulos! Had lunch with family and friends at the Real Sports Bar. Got to witness my 3 year old nephew playing hockey in the hallways of the ACC. It was terrific! Then home to a wonderful afternoon and evening enjoying a fantastic dinner.
My two dogs of course were present for the festivities. Morgan and Georgia had a great time too. Until about 10:30pm when they met the unhappy, hungry for Thanksgiving dinner, skunk who sprayed them both in their faces. Thanksgiving fun over. Switch to me rushing home to throw on old clothes and rushing through Walmart five minutes before they close juggling 6 bottles of hydrogen peroxide and a box of latex gloves…..yes, even in Walmart, I was getting weird looks!!
We mixed up the peroxide/dish soap/baking soda blends and soaked both dogs 3 times… the cold garage. My wonderful brother-in-law Ryan volunteered to help me do this, for which I owe him enormously. Unfortunately getting the smell totally removed from their faces proved impossible but at least by the end I could stand to be in the same room with them – my house now has the faint odour of “eau de skunk”. I usually have a good sense of humour but I was pretty spent by then – though looking back, we must have been quite the scene at midnight on a Saturday.
So thinking back, my only explanation that this finally happened to me after so many years of having my dogs, was the skunk was mad he wasn’t invited to Thanksgiving dinner. My fault. I promise to put out a plate with all the fixings at all future holiday meals to hopefully not tempt fate again. Though this could just invite a porcupine to visit… I vet, I have not had the “pleasure” of removing quills from my own dogs so that would be just my luck!! And to the skunk who spent the day plotting his revenge – well played sir, well played.
Dr. Cheryl Birss

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