Pain Management and Control

The issue of pain management is as important to us as it is to pet owners today. As in human medicine, we have a variety of medications available to manage your pet’s pain both before and after surgery, in the event of trauma, or even as older pets develop osteoarthritis.  Your pet feels the same pain that you would when injured or having surgery and we try to manage this as effectively as possible.  Methods we use to combat pain for your pet can include pre- and post-op medications, nerve blocks and medications or nutraceuticals that owners can administer at home.

If you are not sure if your pet is painful, or if you think he/she is just ‘slowing down’ please call the clinic to discuss the most common signs of discomfort in animals and to book an appointment.  Once a full physical exam is completed the doctor can discuss what the best method of pain control would be for your pet.